What Others Say About Us

This is our second time using David Bailey and The Mortgage Outlet to help us with our refinancing. We tried to refinance our loan through our existing bank GMAC, what a horror, no feedback, no follow up over six months and when we thought we had a deal they changed all the costs.  We should have gone right to David but it seemed so easy to deal with a bank instead of a mortgage broker. David gave us all the costs up front along with the rate nothing could be set in stone until after the appraisal was done. Once that was done we got a great rate from David even below what was quoted. He was always there answering any questions, following up with the new bank clearing all the conditions. He provided us the service that we should have gotten from our bank. If you are looking for great service, great rates and honest upfront closings costs we would reccomend you contact David immediately. We will be recommending anyone looking to buy or refinance their homes.

Barry and Melissa Lieber

This is the third time that we are using David Bailey and The Mortgage Outlet to assist us in our mortgage financing needs. Just like the two times before he gave all of our costs up front and showed us how he could get us a better rate then the bank that was holding our present mortgage, CitiBank. He took the time to explain what our closing costs  would be and how he could save us even more at the time we closed. We do not know how he did this but he was able to bring our closings costs down over $6000 form what was originally quoted. It is always nice to know that David is looking out for our best interest at all times. He even got us a rate below what we started out at, way below. We will continue to highly recommend David Bailey and The Mortgage Outlet to all of our family and firends. If you are looking for someone you can trust in the mortgage industry give David a call today and put his 23 years of experience to work for you, you will not be dissapointed.


Paul and Jeanine Coppola

We were recommended to David Bailey and The Mortgage Outlet by a very good friend who has closed many loans with him. They told us you can trust david 100%, which is not what you hear to often today. We were first time home buyers with many, many, many, questions which David took the time to answer at ease. His knowledge of both the mortgage industry and the real estate industry put us at ease form the start. What impressed us the most is that he gave us his cell number which  he answers all the time, even on the weekend and when he was on vacation. We would highly recommend that you call David and The Mortgage Outlet as they will do what is right for you.


Christopher and Felicia Nicosia 

After months of trying to get our loan approved, being promised everything for our salesperson and getting the run around from our local Chase branch we decided to look for other options. We meet David Bailey the first time in November 2011 after we were unable to get a mortgage through our local bank Chase. He was able to point out why we were having problem and how we could go about getting the loan approved. Everything he told us he could do was done, which was nice to see after the service we got from our bank. It was a pleasure to be able to speak to the same person who knew what was going on with our file each time we called. The two times we were not able to reach David directly he called us back within one hours, his service is unbelievable. The rate and closing costs where less than what we got from our bank. We would recommend to all our firends and family to use David and The Mortgage Outlet.


Gregg and Lori Yates

After trying to close my loan with Bank of America, 3 different sales people, 4 different processors my file was going no where. Then I was referred to David Bailey and The Mortgage Outlet by a long time firend of mine. I can honestly say that this was one of the best recommendations i ever got and I would recommend David and The Mortgage Outlet to anyone. Being a fireman in New York City I have a very weird work schedule which David was able to accommodate, I am sure that i would not have received this from any local bank. David stayed on top of my file and watched the market enabling me to lock into a rate that i did not believe that i would ever get. It is true what he says that his service will create a client for life. I will be recommending him and his company to everyone I know.


William Mclaughlin

We have known David Bailey and The Mortgage Outlet for years. He always gives us an honest answer to our mortgage questions. In the past he guided us to the right product with our bank that he could not help us with. Naturally we went back to him after talking with our loan officer at Bank of America. He showed us exactly what we could expect, which was better than what our bank was offering. As we have come to expect, David was on top of everything form the beginning to the end. By always answering his phone he took away any stress that we had during the process. In a time when all the people you hear about having problems getting a mortgage with thier banks, we would tell them to give David a call to see what he can do.


David and Diane Kempter

I was convinced by my local HSBC bank that they could easily help me with my refinance of my home and there was no need to work with a mortgage broker who i have used many times before. I started an application with them and also went down to see David Bailey and The Mortgage Outlet who i have use three times before with great success. As he has always done in the past he told me what he could do and if the bank could close me at a better deal it would be best for me to use them. The promises made by the bank loan officer did not come through which is nothing new in this mortgage market as i have found out from friends. David and The Mortgage Outlet are just the opposite. The knowledge and customer service provided to me throughout the entire process was unbelievable. He is always available during the day, at night  the weeknds and even when he was on vacation. He truly provides the customes service that the banks do not. I would highly recommend anyone to use his company as they will be totally satisfied with the service, clsoings costs and low rates that he provides.


Richard Tully